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Storm Damage

The heavy rains and winds of spring can cause trees to crack, split and uproot. Heavy rains saturate the soil so deeply that when strong winds come, tree roots cannot stay firmly planted in the ground.

Because of storms, trees often get uprooted and may sometimes fall on a roof or on a vehicle, causing extensive and expensive damage.

Sometimes the trees become unstable and subject to falling.

We will remove the trees which have already been uprooted or ones that have become unstable. We will do this without causing any further damage to your property. We have the experience and capability of removing dangerous storm-damaged trees.


We do storm damage preparation such as: 

  • Crown thinning to allow air movement

  • Weak Crotches and Heavy Limbs will be tightly secured

  • Removal of dangerous limbs or trees

  • Pruning Limbs to decrease load


Storm Damage Cleanup or Repair Services including:

  • Remove Fallen Trees or Debris

  • Crane Services for Hazardous Situations

  • Repair Trunk Damage where possible

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